Postnatal Yoga is a gentle form of yoga which supports and enhances the process of postnatal recovery by restoring and strengthening the body, including interactive practices with your baby. It promotes optimum health by using movement, balance and relaxation to allow you to regain your strength and reconnect with your body in a nurturing and supportive environment.


Postnatal Yoga is a great way of safely toning and strengthening the whole body whilst sharing the experience with your baby amongst a community of other mums. The benefits of Postnatal Yoga include:

  • Strengthens pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles to regain core strength
  • Relieves tension in the upper body resulting from holding and feeding
  • Restores hormonal balance and eases pressure on the nervous system
  • Renews energy through rest and relaxation
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improves posture, realigns the spine and improves balance
  • Allows reconnection with the body
  • Aids bonding between mum and baby
  • Provides the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other mums
  • Offers a nurturing environment in which to emotionally heal after a difficult pregnancy or birth


You don’t need any prior experience of yoga to practise Postnatal Yoga and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t practised Pregnancy Yoga or Postnatal Yoga in the past. It’s best to rest for at least 6 weeks after the birth of your baby before coming to a group postnatal class and regular attendance is encouraged in order to promote progressive recovery.

The classes also offer a steady progression to enable you to transition to my Hatha Yoga classes when you’re ready, whether you’ve practised yoga before your pregnancy or not.

If you’d like to practise Postnatal Yoga prior to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, I offer private tuition in your home at any time after the birth so that I can work closely with you on a one-to-one basis. The classes can be with or without your baby’s involvement.


The class environment is fun, nurturing and supportive. You can come with or without your baby, and you don’t need to worry about your baby crying, sleeping or needing feeding or changing. It’s perfectly normal for all of those things to happen within the class and you don’t have to leave your mat to feed or change them.

My Postnatal Yoga classes include a combination of movement, balance and breathing techniques to effectively strengthen the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles and release tension in the body. Whilst the focus is on the recovery of your body, the class involves interaction and movement with your baby, keeping them entertained and further developing your bond. There is always plenty of time for relaxation, allowing you much needed time to let your body and mind release so that you leave feeling restored and energised.

My qualifications

I am an award-winning yoga teacher with over 9 years of teaching experience. I qualified as a Yoga Alliance 200-hour certified teacher in Hatha Yoga in 2014. In 2018, I completed the triyoga 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Programme and I'm now qualified as a Yoga Alliance 500-hour certified teacher. I went on to train for an additional 300 hours in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jason Crandell, which I completed in April 2020.

I qualified as a Postnatal Yoga teacher in 2016, having completed in-depth study of Postnatal Yoga with Birthlight.


It’s best to wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. You don’t need footwear or socks as yoga is done with bare feet. To start with, you'll just need a mat, and it’s also nice to have a blanket or something warm to pop on for the savasana (relaxation) at the end, so you’re nice and snug.

Join me for an in-person class, practise with me online, or learn about private tuition.