From relaxing yoga and mindfulness meditation classes to inspiring workplace wellbeing events, we will work with you to deliver bespoke wellbeing solutions to build a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Whether it’s regular weekly classes or a one-off experience, we will bring yoga and mindfulness meditation to your place of work, allowing your employees to relax, release tension in their bodies and find clarity of mind. Our classes are suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners, and we provide all of the equipment. You just need a space big enough to roll out the mats.

Why yoga and mindfulness meditation?

  • It energises and releases tension in the body, which is particularly beneficial for those who are desk-based
  • It brings a sense of calm, clarity and focus to the mind which can help to relieve stress and boost creativity and productivity

You can read more about the benefits of yoga and meditation on our yoga page or contact us to learn more.

Please contact us to discuss introducing yoga and mindfulness into your workplace.