During this workshop we’ll focus on yoga postures which target areas of the body that are most used and prone to injury for runners. We’ll discover how yoga can improve performance and prevent injury, through the development of core strength and stability, flexibility, range of motion and mental focus.

As a former marathon runner and Ironman® triathlete, I experienced the impact that endurance sports can have on the body. I bring to my teaching an understanding of functional movement and knowledge of how to build core strength and stability whilst also increasing range of motion.

During this workshop the yoga practice will explore Hatha Yoga techniques to release tight muscles and increase range of motion, whilst also building core strength and stability.

It will give you an insight into how yoga can be an important practice to complement your training, both to improve your running form and to care for your body at the same time.

The workshop is suitable for all experience levels, including complete beginners.

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