When it’s done regularly, yoga has the potential to transform your body and your mind. I strongly believe that if everyone on the planet did yoga the world would be a happier, healthier and more connected place. It’s magic.

You probably already know that yoga would be good for you, to help you to feel stronger, less stiff and more relaxed. But if you’re a beginner or if you’ve had a break from yoga, you might be feeling apprehensive because you think you need to be flexible and strong to start.

Trust me, your level of flexibility and strength doesn’t matter. The experience of my own yoga practice, together with my experience of teaching hundreds of normal people with stiff and perfectly imperfect bodies, means that when you learn with me you’ll be in a safe and supported space. The pace of class is slow and steady. There’s plenty of repetition. You’ll never be asked to make pretzel shapes with your body. And no fancy leggings are required.

My job is to help you to feel confident and skilful at doing yoga so that you can make it part of your everyday life and transform your wellbeing. In this course I’ll show you how.

This course will be great for you if:

  • you are completely new to yoga, or
  • you have had a break from yoga and you want to get back into it, or
  • you have done some yoga but you don't feel confident in your knowledge or skill, or
  • you want to do something nourishing to take care of yourself, to learn about your body, your mind and the yoga tradition.