There are details - big and small - which can transform your yoga practice over time. Whether it's through adjusting the placement of your hands in downward facing dog or developing strength and skill to do wheel pose, there will be magical moments where everything clicks and your perspective shifts.

Through maintaining a consistent practice and focusing on attention to detail, this Deep Dive Series will deepen your knowledge of yoga and develop your skill and technique over 9 months, to help you to transform your practice.

Each month there is a live online 2.5-hour class focusing on a particular part of your practice. Following each month's live class you'll have a programme of one on-demand practice per week to complete relating to the month's focus.

Not only will you take your yoga practice to the next level, you'll also be nourished by sharing the experience with a community of like-minded people. Physically you may be in different places, but the group interaction leave a lasting feeling of connection and joy.

This series is ideal for you if:

- you'd like to improve your technique in the key poses of yoga
- you'd like to progress towards more advanced poses
- you benefit from having the structure of a live course to maintain the consistency of your practice.

It is encouraged that you attend the live sessions but they are recorded for unlimited replay and catch-up within the month.

Please note that access to the on-demand classes will be via my platform & app. Membership is not included in the cost of this series.